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Mar 28, 2017
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    Fruity & Spicy
    The 2014 Limited Release Borderies VSOP, a creation of Cellar Master Patrick Leger, is comprised of 100% single-growth Borderies grapes and composed mainly of ugni blanc. The eaux-de-vie are distilled on the lees with careful attention paid to the “Coeur de chauffe” or the "heart of the distillation" to extract the full range of aromatics possible. Lastly, it underwent a period of careful and closely-watched ageing in a dry cellar, then in progressively damper cellars, in order to preserve all the finesse and aromatic expression of the Borderies.
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    Don't let the sleek, modern design or the name fool you - ABK6 is a traditionally-made cognac produced at Domaines Francis Abécassis (hence the abbreviated name, ABK6) in the Fins Bois region. This single-estate VSOP is produced from grapes grown in the chalky soils and higher elevations of its vineyards. Though this category calls for grapes aged a minimum of 4.5 years, ABK6 prides itself in the maturity of the fruit used in its eaux-de-vie.
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    Rich & Earthy
    Each bottle of this Peruvian pisco is made from 18 lbs. of quebranta, Italia, torontel, and albillia grapes. As it is made in the mosto verde style, it is made from only partially fermented wine. It's distilled through German alambique and ancient falca stills to 86 proof. It's rested a minimum of one year with no additives, water, or sugar added. Note: This brand was formerly known as Portón, but has been changed to Caravedo.
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    Delamain was established in 1920 and is still (mostly) family-owned. They are a cognac house which uses only eaux-de-vie from the highest cru in Cognac, the Grande Champagne region. Delamain Pale & Dry XO Cognac is named for its pale color and dry style of cognac. It is also the youngest release from the house with an average age of 25 years. There is no caramel color added and the proof is brought down with older cognac at a lower proof rather than with water.
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    Fruity & Floral
    Released in 2011,1840 Original Formula was created as a collaboration between Pierre Ferrand owner, Alexandre Gabriel, their cellar master, Christian Guerin, and cocktail historian, Dave Wondrich. Using a rare 19th century cognac, Pinet-Castillon Cognac from 1840 as a base, this product is designed to replicate what would have been used then in cocktails and punches. Its youthful fruity and floral character along with its higher proof for added oomph makes it stand out from other VS cognacs.