Aguardiente Antioqueño


Aguardiente Antioqueño // Colombia

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Colombia's national alcoholic beverage is Aguardiente. To them, it is an anise-flavored liqueur made with highly rectified rum. Antioqueño is the best selling Aguardiente in Colombia and in the world for that matter.

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    A sugarcane-based product popular in many South American countries. It is unaged and often referred to as "firewater". It is often flavored with aniseseed and bottled at around 60 proof. Also known as "guaro".
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Tasting Notes

"Beginning with the very first sniff and all the way until the crisp concise finish, the tasty anise is the star. The anise drifts across the taste buds in clean rum with a creamy, light mouthfeel."

Score 83

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Spicy & Herbal

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