Bethel Rd. Distillery Grappa di Moscato


Bethel Rd. // California, USA


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This Grappa di Moscato is produced in Paso Robles by Bethel Rd. Distillery run by the Udsen family. Their Italian-style grappa is made from the pomace of their moscato from their estate vineyards. The skins and seeds are rehydrated, fermented, and then distilled on copper hybrid column pot still, and it's bottled at 45% abv.

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    Eau-de-vie that is distilled from the pomace (seeds, stems, skins) left over from winemaking. Typically only grapes are used, but other fruit is acceptable. Can be aged in wood. No specific length of time required.
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Tasting Notes

"The floral notes ring out clear as a bell from this grappa di moscato. The aroma is bright with notes of elderflower and jasmine, with a palate that brings to mind pears and plums. Don't be fooled, though: At 45% abv, this spirit packs a punch and has a bit of the rough edge often associated with grappa. This doesn't detract from its complexity, however, and it's an enjoyable grappa to sip."

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