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Boardroom Spirits // Pennsylvannia, USA

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Boardroom Spirits was started by three corporate self-described “road warriors” seeking to take their business know-how and apply it the world of American craft spirits. They enlisted traditional Hungarian distilling technique and applied it to Pennsylvania’s growing collection of small batch producers. The base is 100% corn distilled on their small, copper column-still. Perhaps it’s this grain-forward style that inspires their slogan “the non-gin drinker’s gin.”

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    Also has been referred to as "Contemporary", "New Western", "New Wave", and "New American". This style is not legally defined. In general, this category of gin, while it does contain juniper, places less of an emphasis on this botanical. Other botanicals not classically used in London Dry gins are often utilized and often highlight botanicals grown in the region the gin is produced. Most produced as either London Dry or Distilled Gins.
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"Much to the spirit of their advertising slogan, this gin does not have many of the telltale aromas of juniper. Instead the corn base betrays a character similar to new-make bourbon or grain-forward vodka. On continued tasting, flavors of juniper and citrus become present, but these continue to compliment the spirit’s flavors rather than define them. The palate is light and easy drinking although maybe to the degree of being watery. Juniper heads should stay clear, but there is certainly a enough to like in the gin’s smooth character and easy-drinking personality to give it a try."

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