Bohemio Gran Reserva 15 Rum

Aged Rum

Bohemio // Panama

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Alma de Bohemio rums (in English: “Bohemian soul”) are made in Panama by PILSA, under the eye of renowned master distiller Don Pancho Fernandez, who makes rums for a number of brands including Caña Brava, Panamonte, and Origenes. Florida-based importer Bodegas Bohemio imports the brand, which can be challenging to find outside of Florida. In addition to the Gran Reserva, aged for fifteen years, the Bohemio line also offers three- and eight-year expressions.

  • age
    15 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Aged Rum
    Rum that is aged, but no specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for length of aging, but will often carry an age statement (which should be taken with a grain of salt). Often thought of as "sipping rums".
  • Cask Type

Tasting Notes

"Color-wise, this rum is a shade beyond dark gold, with a trace of cloudiness. The nose is comprised of fruit and wood-derived scents – caramel and ethyl acetate, similar to pear drop candies. The taste falls undeniably within the Don Pancho vein: fruity, peaches in particular, but not sweet from sugar. The finish has a bit of eucalyptus. Despite spending fifteen years in oak, The Gran Reserva isn’t overly woody, suggesting that more mature barrels were used. It’s a respectable, enjoyable Don Pancho rum, but there better examples available."

Score 87

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