Clear Creek Blue Plum Brandy


Clear Creek // Oregon, USA

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Clear Creek's Blue Plum Brandy is an American take on the spirit known as Slivovitz in Eastern Europe and Quetsch in France. It is fermented in pot-stills from a mash made of Italian blue plums grown in the Pacific Northwest.

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    Most often referring to clear, unaged brandy distilled from wine from any type of fruit. Some styles are macerated with skins after distillation which provide color.
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Tasting Notes

"Drinkers who've been subjected to slivovitz in its rougher forms may approach Clear Creek's Blue Plum Brandy with trepidation, but there's nothing to fear in this bottle. With notes of bright fruit on the nose, and flavors of ripe plum balanced with the heat of an unaged distillate, it's a nicely rounded eau de vie. Those who enjoy pure fruit spirits untouched by oak will be happy to have this one on hand."

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