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Control C // Chile

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Control C is an unaged Chilean pisco produced by Pedro Jimenez using Moscatel grapes from the Limari Valley, a wine region north of Santiago. Distillation occurs over three runs in copper pot stills, separating the heart of the spirit for bottling.

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    Brandy distilled from grapes and produced in either Peru or Chile. In Peru, there are eight allowable grapes and in Chile, there are three. Peruvian Pisco is distilled only once in a pot-still and no wood aging is allowed. Peruvian pisco cannot have any alterations including dilution. Chilean pisco can be distilled multiple times, can be aged, and can be diluted prior to bottling.
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"Control C pours transparently with a delicate fragrance of grape and tropical fruit. At 80 proof, it lands with a touch of heat and a smooth mouthfeel. This young grape brandy pairs its fruit notes with subtle hints of citrus and vanilla that linger pleasantly on the palate. Triple distillation makes this a very clean spirit, but one that has sufficient character to express itself in pisco cocktails."

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