Tamworth Garden Unaged Apple Brandy


Tamworth Distilling // New Hampshire, USA

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This unaged apple brandy is distilled from New Hampshire grown Macintosh and Cortland apples. While most of the distillery's brandy production is ageing in barrels, this unaged eau de vie is released without ageing.

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    Most often referring to clear, unaged brandy distilled from wine from any type of fruit. Some styles are macerated with skins after distillation which provide color.
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Tasting Notes

"Lightly tart on the nose and creamy on the palate, Tamworth conjures fall flavors within this unaged apple brandy. This is a very pleasant eau de vie, with the notes coming through unobscured by oak. While this spirit will surely mature well in barrel, this eau de vie makes one wonder why unaged apple spirits aren't released more often."

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