Copper & Kings 3 Marlenas Apple Brandy

American Brandy

Copper & Kings // Kentucky , USA


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Copper & Kings took a new twist with their latest apple brandy release, 3 Marlenas. The brandy is five years old, with the final two years of aging taking place in tequila casks, before being bottled at 100 proof. A total of 1,000 375-ml bottles of 3 Marlenas were released in this limited edition expression, with the bottle label showcasing artwork from Louisville painter Damon Thompson.

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  • American Brandy
    Produced in the US, this is usually referring to brandy distilled from grape-based wine. If the producer uses other fruit, it must be stated on the label. If aged under two years in oak, it must state the word "immature" on the label. Beyond that, labels such as VS, VSOP, and XO mean little as the brands themselves dictate what that means to them.
  • Cask Type
    finished in ex-tequila casks

Tasting Notes

"Bright and floral nose, with honey, McIntosh apples, toffee, and butterscotch. A creamy palate shifts to baked apples with oak, black pepper and spice, tequila and agave, and a slight buttery riff. The finish intermingles floral notes with a citrus zestiness of orange peels, smoke, and closing vegetal notes with aged tequila."

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Floral & Fruity