Distillery No. 209 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel-Reserve Gin

Barrel-Aged Gin

Distillery No. 209 // California, USA

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San Francisco-based No. 209 Distillery produces vodka and gins, with the latter distilled 5 times from Midwestern corn. Their gin uses 8 to 11 botanicals including juniper, bergamot orange, lemon peel, cardamom pods, cassia bark, angelica root, and coriander seeds. Their Sauvignon Blanc Barrel-Reserve Gin is the distillery's flagship original gin aged for three months in French oak barrels. These barrels previously were used to age said wine made at their sister winery, the Rudd Oakville Estate in Napa Valley. It is bottled at 46% ABV.

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  • Barrel-Aged Gin
    Gin which spends some time in barrels, generally not more than a few months at a time, although there is no legal definition for this style.
  • Cask Type
    ex-Sauvignon Blanc French Oak

Tasting Notes

"The wine barrel has lent a fairly rich, golden color to this unique gin. Although the aromatics are a bit muted with none of Sauvignon Blanc’s calling card flavor of gooseberry, the palate is dramatically enriched by the barrel’s addition of weight, tropical fruit tones, and a touch of tasty raw vanilla bean. This combination increases the gins perceived sweetness, but this is deftly balanced by a spicy “Red Hots” candy finish. The only failing is that the already light juniper-base gin has what little piney characteristics it had further obscured by the strong barrel influence."

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Sweet & Woody

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