Filliers 12 Year Oude Graanjenever


Filliers // Belgium

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Like their 15-year Oude Jenever, this product is made from a malt-wine base which is 50% rye and 50% malted barley. Of this 75% is aged in American oak for 12 years while the remainder is aged for 12 years in French Limousin oak. It is blended with juniper distillate before bottling. This is limited edition bottling is sold at 38% ABV and can be purchased in several countries in Europe.

  • age
    12 Year
  • abv
  • Genever
    Genever is a juniper-flavored spirit which combines a botanically-flavored, neutral spirit with a maltwine. Only made in Belgium, the Netherlands, and in specific regions of France and Germany. Jonge genever is made with a maximum of 15% maltwine. Oude genever uses at least 15% of maltwine. Korenwijn genever uses at least 51% of maltwine.
  • Cask Type
    American oak & French Limousin oak

Tasting Notes

"Surprisingly fruity, with pleasant aromas of fresh apples and oranges, balanced by chocolate and vanilla. Some varnish is a further indication of a long maturation period. The palate is gentle and superbly balanced. Sweet vanilla, oranges and licorice all play well together, before lingering spices take over. A drink to savor and sip."

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