Filliers 17 Year Barrel Aged Genever


Filliers // Belgium

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Filliers' range of Barrel Aged Genever aims to make quality genever accessible. Instead of focusing on the different types of genever (jonge, oude, etc.), Filliers chose to target age statements. The Filliers 17 Year Barrel Aged Genever consists of 100 percent maltwine made from malted barley, rye & corn. A small amount of juniper distillate is added after the aging process.

  • age
    17 Year
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Genever
    Genever is a juniper-flavored spirit which combines a botanically-flavored, neutral spirit with a maltwine. Only made in Belgium, the Netherlands, and in specific regions of France and Germany. Jonge genever is made with a maximum of 15% maltwine. Oude genever uses at least 15% of maltwine. Korenwijn genever uses at least 51% of maltwine.
  • Cask Type
    American oak ex-bourbon casks

Tasting Notes

"At an advanced age, this showcases quite a bit of oak, with aromas of furniture polish and vanilla, as well as a pinch of juniper. The palate is sweet and creamy at first, before transcending into menthol and cough syrup territory. It has a spicy quality too, with subtle chili heat and ginger. In a way this is reminiscent of an Irish pot still whiskey."

Score 91

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