Fliquor Bean Whiskey Infused with Coffee

Flavored Whiskey

Bowen's Spirits // California, USA


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Fliquor Bean is the first whiskey to be infused with coffee. The 100% organic coffee they use comes from a large coffee farming confederation in Mexico called, CoNaProMex. This is infused with Bowen’s Whiskey (100% corn) made in Bakersfield, California. The whiskey is influenced by forest-fire charred oak taken from the Piute Mountains. Your best to pick up a bottle is in California.

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    Whiskey flavored with natural or artificial flavors and labeled with the (pre)dominant flavor(s). Can be made either with or without the addition of sugar. Bottled at 30% ABV or higher.
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Tasting Notes

"The aroma is mostly roasted coffee (no surprise) with a little whiff of burnt sugar from a crème brûlée. The taste is very much dependent upon temperature. Served cold it comes across as day old coffee. At room temperature its tastes align to that of a flat coffee stout beer. When served warm it tastes like a fresh “cup o’ joe” with a dash of sweet whiskey. This is quite the eye opener."

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