Green Hat Navy-Strength Gin

Navy-Strength Gin

Green Hat // Washington, DC, USA

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Green Hat Gin is distilled at the New Columbia Distillers in Washington DC, the first distillery to operate in the city since Prohibition. Their base for the gin is made from winter wheat which is milled, mashed, fermented and distilled on site. This navy-strength edition of Green Hat's gin increases the proof to 114.3.

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  • Navy-Strength Gin
    Referring to gins sold at a minimum of 54.5% ABV, most typically London Dry style.
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Tasting Notes

"Navy-strength gins are best approached with caution. At 114.3 proof, the more subtle flavors present in Green Hat's gin can get lost in the heat, leaving juniper to dominate. This is a spirit made for mixing, however, and that strength is a virtue in, say, a Martini, where dilution with ice and vermouth brings out its spice and citrus notes. Though likely not a gin for everyday mixing, it can shine in the right application -- and it's a good one to have on hand for days when a higher proof gin is called for."

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