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Navy Rum

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Lars Renbjer, co-owner of Sweden’s Gunroom spirits, has exhaustively studied centuries old “navy style” blended rums. Working in conjunction with master rum blenders E&A Scheer, they’ve released a Navy rum clocking in at a head-turning 130 proof. The rums in the blend originate in five countries: Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana, and “unspecified.” However, informed sources indicate that the mystery component is Batavia Arrack from Indonesia. In true navy style, this rum isn’t about long aging, with the average component at around three years. Note: Limited Availability in the US.

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    Aged rum that are often blends of rums from English-colonized countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad, British Guyana, and Barbados. Technically, navy-strength rums are 54.5% ABV or higher, though not all overproof rums are Navy Rums. Taste-wise, Navy Rums are usually rich and funky, and best used in Tiki drinks or punches.
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Tasting Notes

"In the glass, the Navy rum presents as ever-so-slightly tarnished copper. The nose is more subtle than you might think for a 130 proof rum, but the Jamaican and Bajan components come through first. The palate (expectedly) starts with a rush of ethanol heat. Once subsided, the smoky demerara and pot-still Barbados elements come to the forefront, with the estery Jamaican occasionally popping up and finishing with a bit of eucalyptus. The overall blend is quite enjoyable, leaning toward the heavier pot-still elements. Unless you habitually sip 130 proof spirits, you’ll want to dilute this with a touch of water or ice. It would obviously work as an “overproof” rum in cocktails, but the subtleties of the blending would be lost."

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