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Jinzu Gin

Compound Gin

Jinzu // Scotland

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Jinzu Gin, a compound gin with juniper and sake distillate, is the brainchild of bartender Dee Davies, who entered her concept into the Diageo's Show Your Spirit competition of 2013. Jinzu Gin takes its name from the Jinzu river, which flows through the city of Toyama, and is surrounded by cherry blossom trees. It is a blend of sake and English gin consisting of juniper, coriander, angelica, yuzu, and Japanese cherry blossom. Made in Diageo's Cameronbridge Distillery in Scotland and supervised by Tanqueray distiller Tom Nichol, it is bottled at 41.3%

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    Compound gins are produced by simply taking a neutral spirit and adding juniper extract and other flavor essences (which can be natural or artificial) without the additional step of re-distilling. These gins are often referred to as "Bathtub Gins".

Tasting Notes

"Delicate on the nose with fresh mandarins at the forefront while coriander seed lingers quietly in the backdrop. Sipping it neat reveals a cherry menthol flavor that is quite unique and pleasant. The juniper berry finish is where the reminder pops up that this is indeed a gin. Flavor lingers for quite some time. This is an adventurous trip for the senses with the right balance of sweet, spicy and kick. Highly recommend this be tried in a Bee's Knees cocktail or with a good quality Indian tonic and garnish of Granny Smith apple slice. "

Score 85

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