Koch el Mezcal Barril

Mezcal Joven

Oaxaca, Mexico

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Barril agaves are tall and tend to have slightly thicker foliage up top. The agave for this particular mezcal tend to be grown a little closer together causing the trunks to grow taller. They appear sporadically, semi-wild, peppered throughout the mountains of Oaxaca. This mezcal is produced traditionally in Rio de Ejutla, Oaxaca and utilizes a bull-drawn tahona to crush the cooked piñas.

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  • Mezcal Joven
    A spirit distilled from one or more different varieties of agave. Can only be produced in designated areas within 8 different Mexican states. Must be bottled in México. This is unaged or aged in stainless steel or plastic containers before bottling.
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Tasting Notes

"A little less herbaceous than expected but it does possess that the deep punchiness typically associated with barril. Very big on the nose with notes of Concord grapes, lemon, magic marker, anise, banana, and fresh peaches. On the palate bold notes of cherry and red apple make an appearance, but the mezcal finishes dry, with a long, lingering essence of pinecone. Overall the flavor is blunt, but very well-balanced."

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Rich & Fruity