La Venenosa Costa Raicilla (Green Label)


La Venenosa // Jalisco, Mexico

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When thinking about raicilla, mezcal is usually a good reference point but this something different. Made in Llano Grande in Jalisco, using the agave Rhodacantha, the agave are roasted in an above-ground adobe oven over hot stones. Somewhere between a classic pit for mezcal production and a tequila oven. After that the agave are hand-ground and distilled twice in a wooden-still (made from the Higuera Blanca tree).

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    Raicilla [rye-see-ya] is produced in several municipalities of Jalisco from several different types of agave (excluding blue Weber agave) such as Maximiliana, Rhodacantha, and Angustifolia. This category isn't officially defined, but will be the next agave spirit of Mexico to be regulated.
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"This raicilla is aromatically dense and savory with notes of nuts, pine, mastic, olive brine, sawdust, cedar, and cocoa. Lots of bright acid on the palate (unusual for a spirit) there are more olive flavors, “funk”, resin, wine-like tannins, and yuzu along with herbs, terracotta, cedar and fresh carrot. This spirit seems to evolve as it sits in your glass guaranteeing you will never be bored!"

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Herbal & Earthy