La Venenosa Sur Raicilla (Red Label)


Jalisco, Mexico

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This is not your typical Mezcal, in fact it is not mezcal at all. Distilled twice in an "ancestral" clay-still and in every other way made in the exact same way as mezcal has been made for hundreds of years. What sets this spirit apart is that is comes from Jalisco. Though the region is famous for tequila, legally agave spirits made in Jalisco can't qualify as mezcal. In addition, this raicilla is made from the agave Angustifolia (Criolla) which is a type of espadín found almost exclusively in this part of Jalisco.

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    Raicilla [rye-see-ya] is produced in several municipalities of Jalisco from several different types of agave (excluding blue Weber agave) such as Maximiliana, Rhodacantha, and Angustifolia. This category isn't officially defined, but will be the next agave spirit of Mexico to be regulated.
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"The gloves are off for this spirit. Unapologetically earthy, herbal and funky this spirit will be an experience for even seasoned agave drinkers. Batch variation is high but to give you an idea, the nose is filled with such notes as: pine, musk, fresh herbs, hotdog water, moist soil, minerals, orange zest, aged cheese, and fresh lime on the finish. The palate is no less eccentric with notes of Smarties candy, pineapple, stewed apples, nuts, root veggies, cream, and ash. A fascinating spirit for adventurous palates."

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