Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin

London Dry Gin

Masons // Yorkshire, England

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This Yorkshire dry gin is produced using a copper alembic still which produces small batches (200-liters). The botanicals aren't disclosed aside from juniper, citrus, "secret botanicals". This producer also makes other flavored gins and vodkas. It is bottled at 42% ABV. This gin is not currently sold outside of the UK.

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  • London Dry Gin
    Neutral spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals. In the US, the minimum ABV is 40%; In the EU, it is 37.5%. Originally, only made in London, this can be made anywhere. No artificial flavors or colors can be added. Only water, neutral grain spirit, and sugar (no more than 0.1g/l) can be added.
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Tasting Notes

"There's a citrus-y aroma (more orange) along with a floral scent, but there's enough of an earthy base there so it doesn't go into Grandma's perfume territory. Juniper is present, but taking a backseat here. As you taste, there is a sweetness of a pastry dusted with fennel seeds initially. This turns into a malty quality like you'd get with a new make whisky. The finish is bitter and earthy rather than spicy. Overall, a really intriguing gin. Try in a recipe with berries/berry liqueurs like a Blackberry Gin Smash or even in a Blue Moon cocktail."

Score 84

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Flavor Profile

Spicy & Earthy