Michel Couvreur Special Vatting

Peated Blended Malt

Michel Couvreur // (aged & bottled in France), Scotland

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Maturing whisky in the heart of Burgundy, Michel Couvreur begun his journey in wine, and upon selling to the UK market was told that he should add a top-shelf whisky to his range in the late 70’s. Michel believes that 90% of a whisky's quality comes not from the distillation, but from the casks the whisky is matured in. This Special Vatting is a blend of three different Scottish single malt whiskies matured in sherry casks.

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  • abv
  • Peated Blended Malt
    100% malted barley from more than one distillery. Dried with peat.
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Tasting Notes

"The nose opens with a somewhat mossy spice and beautiful herbal notes. Bright red fruits and a light brine note tinges the whisky. The sweetness of the whisky is reminiscent of grass and hay, with a nutty tone on the back-end. The moss rises once again, a faint reminder that this whisky is peaty, however slightly. Opening the palate the whisky lends a prickly mouth-feel before moving onto tangy wood and a musty, old bung cork taste. As you continue to taste there's a somewhat nutty and stewed mushroom taste that comes back bringing an earthy reminder of peat with it. The finish is sweet, lightly smoked, and musty."

Score 76

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Flavor Profile

Fruity & Tart

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