Muckle Flugga Blended Malt

Blended Malt

Muckle Flugga // Scotland

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While there had been projects in the early 2000s to build the most northerly distillery in Scotland this never came to fruition. As such, Highland Park still holds this title. However, a new project has followed which allows for the title of most northerly whisky to be aged in Scotland, at least in part. This blended malt Scotch whisky is made of six single malt whiskies aged in first-fill sherry cask on mainland Scotland. It is then extra-matured in new French oak for one winter on the island of Unst, an isle of the Shetland Islands. The name, Muckle Flugga, comes from the eponymous lighthouse next to the warehouse where the whisky ages.

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  • Blended Malt
    Comprised of malted whisk(e)y from two or more distilleries; aged in barrels; if Scotch or Irish, must be aged for at least three years.
  • Cask Type
    first-fill sherry, new French oak

Tasting Notes

"The first impression on the nose is a bit sharper than expected for a whisky at 80 proof. This alcohol burn becomes gentler and dominated by flavors of caramel and dry orange peel as you continue to nose the malt. The same process occurs on the palate, from a bitter, dry wood sensation to a smooth fruity and butterscotch profile. Although the combination of the two types of wood used for aging is working well in terms of aromas by delivering a fruity and sweet whisky, there is maybe a touch too much of the dried wood on the finish. "

Score 79

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Flavor Profile

Sweet & Fruity