Scribbles Dry Gin

London Dry Gin

Oregon Spirit Distillers // Oregon, USA

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Hailing from the town of Bend in central Oregon, Oregon Spirit Distillers distills classic styled libations while taking advantage of the region’s winter wheat. The dry gin joins the ranks of Absinthe, Genever, and other yesteryear bar staples and includes this classic London-style botanical build with lots of juniper and coriander bottles at a healthy 92 proof.

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  • London Dry Gin
    Neutral spirit flavored with juniper and other botanicals. In the US, the minimum ABV is 40%; In the EU, it is 37.5%. Originally, only made in London, this can be made anywhere. No artificial flavors or colors can be added. Only water, neutral grain spirit, and sugar (no more than 0.1g/l) can be added.
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Tasting Notes

"This gin has boisterously aromatic nose that combines lots of coriander character with a supporting cast of refreshing citrus peel, spruce-tinted juniper, and a pleasing medicinal quality. It stops just short of being a truly traditional London Dry, as the coriander is so effusive and almost carries a touch of green cilantro. The palate has a nice weight, and finishes a bit aggressively with a peppery kick of spice and alcohol. This is a surefire winner for classic cocktails and particularly well suited for a martini. "

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Herbal & Juniper