Oyo Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka

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OYO // Ohio, USA

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Made at Middle West Spirits in Columbus, Ohio, this vodka uses its flagship OYO American Character Vodka as its base. That vodka is made from local, soft red wheat. For this bottling, local wildflower honey and single-source, fair-trade, organic vanilla beans are used for flavoring. Bottled at 80 proof unfiltered. Kosher.

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Tasting Notes

"Oyo Honey Vanilla Bean Vodka is dominated on the nose by notes of creamy vanilla that read true to the bean and not derived of process. Wisps of wildflower peak through, but make no mistake that vanilla is driving the car. The palate is rich and luscious with the honey’s sweetness adding sugar and increasing the body. The finish returns to vanilla bean and quite pleasant at that. If you are looking for a vanilla vodka you’d be hard pressed to find a better example. If there is a complaint, it is the infusing process has covered up many of the grain flavors that this distillery so admirably creates."

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Sweet & Floral