Paladin Agricanto Liqueur

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Paladin // Veneto, Italy

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Made in the Italian region of Veneto, Agricanto Liqueur is made at Cantine Paladin. It’s intended to channel the flavors and subtleties of wine, specifically that made of from the red Raboso grape. The base of the liqueur is made up of Paladin Estate Raboso wine, grappa, and spice extracts. To that, cherry juice, almond, and sugar are added. Bottled at 50 proof.

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    Fruit(s) is the the dominant flavor for the liqueur. Often, but not always, the primary fruit flavor will be listed on the bottle. And sometimes the fruit will be listed in French. The base spirit is often neutral spirit, but other liquors such as brandy can be used. Sugar is added before bottling. ABV varies widely.
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Tasting Notes

"With a deep plummy red hue, Agricanto has a strong aroma of brandied cherry and prune. On the palate, a dry, baking spice flavor leads the charge, followed by notes of medicinal cherry and dried stone fruit. Agricanto is a touch off-balance thanks to the heavy spice work, but that might bode well in a cocktail that requires a touch of heavily-spiced mulled wine."

Score 75

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Flavor Profile

Rich & Spicy