Pimm's No. 1 Cup

Gin Liqueur

Pimm's // Scotland

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Pimm's No. 1 is the most popular of the liqueur category known as cups. First created in 1840, No. 1 uses gin as its base along with a secret blend of spices, fruit, and botanicals. There have been other Pimm's over the years; No. 2 had a Scotch base, No. 3 used brandy, No. 4 was rum, No. 5 rye, and No. 6 used Vodka. They have all had been discontinued, but Diageo which currently owns Pimm's, rebranded No. 3 as Winter's Cup and it still uses brandy as its base. Every bar, both at home and otherwise, has their own recipe for their perfect Pimm's Cup cocktail. Some use lemonade, others lemon-lime soda or ginger ale. The sky is the limit for fruit additions, but strawberry and cucumber slices are quite common, especially during Wimbledon.

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  • Gin Liqueur
    A liqueur which uses gin at its base the addition of sugar. Fruit is commonly used as well as flowers, herbs, spices and/or other vegetables. The main component(s) are typically front and center on the label. Fruit cups such as Pimm's Cup also fall into this category.
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"The aroma is quite fruity with berries and lemon dominating the aroma. There's a gentle dark spiced element lurking in the background with cinnamon and licorice standing out. It is moderately bittersweet and just aching to be poured into a highball glass with bubbles of your choice. A Pimm's Cup is de rigueur, but consider using in warm gin punches come winter."

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