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Boodles // England

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Released Stateside in September 2015, Boodles Mulberry Gin is inspired by the British classic sloe gin, but is instead made with mulberries rather than sloe berries. Using a base of Boodles Gin, this liqueur is bottled at 30% ABV. Mulberry trees are a common sight on the English countryside, and if you haven't seen one you've certainly heard or sang the nursery rhyme "Here We Go Round..."

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    A gin liqueur deriving its main flavor from sloe berries. Though called berries, they are actually plums. Variants use different types of plums such as Damson.
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Tasting Notes

"The aroma is bright and tart with mulberry flavors. The taste follows suit with a sweet and sour berry flavor. Not much spice going on here (maybe cloves or cinnamon?), but there's a little juniper bite on the finish. Simple and easy breezy to drink. Lovely just served on its own with club soda on ice, but feel free to utilize in either summer or winter drinks."

Score 82

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Fruity & Tart

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