Plymouth Navy Strength Gin

Navy-Strength Gin

Plymouth // England

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Plymouth Navy Strength Gin celebrates the historic nautical legacy in Plymouth that featured organizations and people including the Royal Navy and explorer Sir Francis Drake. It's made with seven botanicals: juniper berries, coriander seed, orange and lemon peel, green cardamom, angelica root, and orris root. It is bottled at 57% ABV.

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  • Navy-Strength Gin
    Referring to gins sold at a minimum of 54.5% ABV, most typically London Dry style.
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Tasting Notes

"Much like the standard Plymouth bottling, sweet citrus and coriander notes take charge on the nose while the juniper becomes more present on the taste and finish. Good bite to the gin with some oiliness felt on the palate. Gentle sweetness on the palate and you're left with warm spices. Plymouth is known to most as the benchmark Navy Strength bottling, and for good reason. It's such a pleasure to drink on it's own it's a wonder more folks don't just order this on the rocks and be done with it. "

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Fruity & Spicy