Rhum J.M. V.O.

Rhum Agricole Vieux

Rhum J.M. // Martinique

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J.M., named for founder Jean-Marie Martin, is Martinique's smallest distillery. The sugarcane is grown in the volcanic soils of the Mount Pelée foothills above the distillery, pressed within an hour of harvest. Aged for a minimum of 3 years, it spends some time getting acquainted with new oak before finishing in 1st - 4th use ex-bourbon barrels.

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  • Rhum Agricole Vieux
    Rhum distilled from fresh sugarcane juice that has been aged in oak in barrels not to exceed 650 liters. In Martinique, aging requirements are at least 3 years for a VO designation, 4 years for VSOP, 6 for XO, and at least 6 for vintage rhums. Hors d'age is aged between 8-12 years.
  • Cask Type
    new oak, ex-bourbon

Tasting Notes

"The rhum is like a good soul bass line - tart, hot, funky and even a little sweaty. Fresh lemon acidity mixes with fresh apricot and passion fruit, with medium-roast coffee, caramel and butterscotch. Spices are a mixture of allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, going more savory with rosemary, sage and chive. Though it has a light mouth feel, the flavors linger, making it ideal as both a neat sipper and cocktail base. "

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