Ron del Barrilito Three Stars

Aged Rum

Ron del Barrilito // Puerto Rico

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Ron del Barrilito has a small but passionate following that appreciates its smooth character and unique flavor. The company is not a distillery, but a blender. Their rum actually comes from Bacardi, and it is blended with ten secret ingredients, and matured in very old sherry casks. To some, this qualifies it as a spiced or flavored rum, but if you like how it tastes, then no matter.

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    Rum that is aged, but no specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for length of aging, but will often carry an age statement (which should be taken with a grain of salt). Often thought of as "sipping rums".

Tasting Notes

"The nose shows a lot of wood carried on an astringent and bright fruity base. Lemon and orange peels combine with ripe cantaloupe, but there is also ample bottom end represented by caramel, toffee and vanilla. The rum enters with a goodly amount of spice reminiscent of red and black pepper, backed by cinnamon and nutmeg. The woodiness is very apparent, and the palate is soon coated in bitter tannins. On subsequent sips, the citrus peels noted on nosing reappear in the form of grapefruit, and finally the bakery is revisited as the toffee and caramel return. The finish is bitter and quite dry, with a strong impression of boisé felt. All in all, the Barrilito 3 Stars is a solid mixing rum, but the experience is spoiled by knowing its questionable origins. That said, it makes a fine Planter's Punch."

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Woody & Spicy

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