Spica 20 Year (North Star Spirits)


North Star Spirits // Scotland

  1. TheGTrain

    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A rich, dry nose with plenty of spice, Christmas cake with a side of dried cherries and cinamon-sprinkled balsamic-stewed apples over a glass of red wine (I'd be inclined to think this was matured in both red wine and sherry casks), almost marred by a slight ethanol note. More of those traditionally sherry notes on the palate, rich, spicy mouth feel with plenty of red fruits, burnt orange peel and the grain showing more prominence, vanilla, oak, rye flour. A barely-medium, dry finish, the grain really coming up in the rear, an interesting blend of aniseed, grapefruit, coffee and coca nibs.
    100.0 AUD per Bottle
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