Spirit of Hven Organic Vodka

Barrel-Aged Vodka

Spirit of Hven // Sweden

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Distilled from certified organic wheat, this vodka is column-distilled. It is then placed in virgin white American oak for 12-48 months. After that, it is then re-distilled three times in copper pot-stills. Post-distillation, it goes through a stabilization and aeration period for 3-6 months. Finally, it is bottled without carbon or chill-filtration nor with any additives or color correcting.

  • age
  • Cost
  • abv
  • Barrel-Aged Vodka
    A vodka which spends some time in a barrel. Also called Starka. Not officially recognized as a category in the US.
  • Cask Type
    virgin white American oak

Tasting Notes

"There's a moderately-heavy spiced note on the nose along with some hazelnuts. The initial feeling on the palate is soft and sweet, but that quickly turns dry and sharp. More cinnamon and nutty flavors follow, albeit mildly. This is a savory and spiced vodka, and you might be accustomed to the flavor if you have ever had white whiskey. Would recommend sipping neat at room temp or chilled for maximum effect."

Score 84

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