Tailwinds Rested Agave Spirit

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Tailwinds Distillery // Illinois, USA

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Tailwinds Rested Agave Spirit is produced in the USA and, therefore, cannot be called Tequila. Distilled from organically-grown Weber Blue Agave nectar sourced from the northern hills of Guadalajara, Mexico then shipped to the distillery in Plainfield, Illinois. After a slow fermentation of 12 days, it is distilled in small batches on a pot/column still. Tailwinds Rested is allowed to mature for a minimum of 14 months inside of American oak, former Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels. Released and bottled one barrel at a time every 4 - 6 months.

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    Spirits that are distilled from any type of agave and produced anywhere in the world outside of designated regions in Mexico.
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Tasting Notes

"Hot, intense nose of crème brûlée, vanilla, and cinnamon sticks; definite bourbon notes with hints of butterscotch pudding, coconut, and bubble gum. Weighty in the mouth with a rich sweetness but not oily; hot vanilla, cinnamon in the form of red hots and caramel, a definite heat throughout. Finishes long and hot with bourbon notes to the end. "

Score 78

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