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Tailwinds Distillery // Illinois, USA

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Tailwinds Silver Blue Agave Spirit is produced in the USA and, therefore, cannot be called Tequila. Distilled from organically grown Weber Blue Agave Nectar sourced from the northern hills of Guadalajara, Mexico then shipped to the distillery in Plainfield, Illinois. After a slow fermentation of 12 days, it is distilled in small batches on a pot/column still. The silver is lightly filtered and bottled unaged.

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  • Other Agave
    Spirits that are distilled from any type of agave and produced anywhere in the world outside of designated regions in Mexico.
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Tasting Notes

"Aromas of cotton candy, geranium, and white flowers are dominant over the subtler notes of honeydew melon and green pepper. This starts and ends sweet and is very heavy in the mouth. The bitterness is not unpleasant and is balanced by the sweetness. Finish is medium length with a lingering heat. "

Score 75

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