The Devil's Own Wicked Rum

Silver Rum

The Devil's Own // Oregon, USA


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Wicked Rum, made from American blackstrap molasses and cane sugar, is distilled as is the white--twice in a reflux still with an optional double column--and is hand-bottled and labeled and wax-sealed. The primary difference is the bottled proof: 156 in this case.

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  • Silver Rum
    AKA Blanco, Light, White. Rum that is usually aged (but not always) and carbon-filtered to remove any color. No specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for aging for most countries with a few exceptions.
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Tasting Notes

"Wicked's extra proof doesn't lead to a hotter nose nor to a masking of grassiness, light caramel or both white and pink peppercorn notes. There's a sweetness on the palate compounded of caramel and honey, along with a touch of blackstrap. The finish lingers with the addition of some fruit. On the whole, this spirit wears its alcohol well, though as often a few drops of water bring out additional complexities--spice, in this instance."

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