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The Duppy Share // Multiple Countries

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In Jamaican folklore, "duppies" are havoc-creating ghosts or spirits. It’s not a stretch to realize that the “duppy share” is a Jamaican spin on the well-known “angels’ share,”, wherein aging spirits evaporate from the barrel and into the possession of duppies. London-based Westbourne Spirits blends three-year aged Jamaican rum from Worthy Park with five-year Bajan rum from Foursquare in Barbados, then bottles it at 80 proof.

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  • Aged Rum
    Rum that is aged, but no specific type or size barrel required. No set time required for length of aging, but will often carry an age statement (which should be taken with a grain of salt). Often thought of as "sipping rums".
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Tasting Notes

"In the glass, the Duppy Share has an inviting tarnished-gold coloring. The nose has a heady Jamaican funk that draws you in. The entry is surprisingly smooth, with less funk than the nose would suggest. Mid-palate, you’ll find a bit of caramel. The mouthfeel is lush, almost buttery. Towards the end a flash of menthol pops up its head. The finish is more Bajan than Jamaican, with almost no burn. A nice, reasonably inexpensive sipper, but its interesting flavor profile may get lost in citrus-forward drinks. "

Score 87

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