The Funk Unaged Heavy Pot Still Jamaican Rum

Silver Rum

The Funk // Jamaica

  1. NewRipVanTinkle3

    4.75 out of 5 stars
    picture this you're at a parliament concert in 1981 You've taken 6 Quaalude and you've got six more for later, to your right is your friend tooty you met him touring with the dead about 6 months ago (nice guy a little on the touchy side). Youre really feeling the basslines at this point its a good night for bootsy, when you feel a rumble in your stomach you know something bads coming 1 youre not wearing underwear 2 you know with the thumping bass your sphincter is loosening more and more then bam you defecate all over your new khakis. this rum is alot like that
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