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Tuaca // Canada

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Tuaca is a liqueur made from Italian brandy, citrus, and vanilla. The name is derived from the last names of the two brothers-in-law, Gaetano Tuoni and Giorgia Canepa, who in the 1930s recreated a recipe from the Renaissance period for this liqueur. The product was first introduced to the US in the 1950s. Tuaca is now owned by Sazerac which completed the purchase of the brand from Brown-Forman in March 2016. Sazerac has reformulated the recipe to utilize Italian brandy replacing the California brandy which Brown-Forman used.

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    Herbal and/or spiced liqueurs make up a bulk of the liqueur family. Oftentimes the recipe or formula is top secret and decades if not centuries old and were created for “medicinal purposes.” Any type of liquor can form the base. Sugar is added prior to bottling.
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"The brandy profile comes through on the nose along with orange peel, but the citrus disappears on the palate. That's where the vanilla comes in taking over. Tuaca is fairly sweet and feels hot from the alcohol on the finish. Overall not balanced or dynamic. "

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