Wheel House American Dry Gin

Distilled Gin

Wheel House // California, USA


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Gold River Distillery is based just outside of Sacramento, California. Besides gin they also make a vodka made from corn and wheat malt. They use red winter wheat and white wheat for their gin’s base distillate and the usual botanicals on the second distillation.

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  • Distilled Gin
    This style of gin takes a neutral spirit and then adds juniper berries and other natural flavorings before it is re-distilled. After distillation, additional flavors (artificial or natural) and sweeteners may be added.
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Tasting Notes

"The strong smell of paint thinner is a stubborn guest in the aroma. No amount of waiting will make it leave. You have to push past it to find black-pepper oil and dry juniper. The palate is sweet with berries and citrus fruit, and the texture is quite oily. The gin finishes with the unlikely pair of green peppercorns and soap. Put this in a Gin & Tonic with a heavy citrus garnish."

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