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Writers' Tears // Ireland

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Writers' Tears is a brand owned by the Walsh Whiskey Distillery, the same folks that are behind The Irishman line of whiskeys. This was produced at an undisclosed distillery. It is a blend of single-pot still and triple-distilled malt whiskeys and was aged in ex-bourbon casks. The vatting of the two types were done by Bernard Walsh.

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    Comprised of both single malt(s) and single grain(s) often from many different distilleries; if Scotch or Irish must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels; Irish may include single pot still whiskey in the blend.
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Tasting Notes

"The sweet aromas coming off the glass are quite aromatic and lean towards dark honey and candied lemon zest. The whiskey is soft on the palate and has a Cookie Crisp cereal flavor along with a small amount of vanilla and baking spices. The overall impression is a pleasant one, and finishes not too short, not too long, but just right."

Score 87

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Sweet & Fruity

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