New Booze News: Ardbeg An Oa, Glendronach, Laird’s and More!

August 23, 2017

Before our official reviews arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of the new products hitting shelves soon. Ardbeg has added a new permanent single malt to their portfolio. GlenDronach has a vintage release for the “Kingsman” fans. Laird’s has a new Applejack hitting shelves next month. All this and more in the Booze News for the week of August 21st 2017!


Ardbeg An Oa

An Oa (pronounced an-oh) is a peated Islay single malt comprised of whiskies that were aged in several types of casks including Pedro Ximenez, virgin oak and ex-bourbon. These whiskies were then married together in a large French oak vat in Ardbeg’s Gathering Room.

The whisky is named for the Mull of Oa located on the Oa peninsula. This is the most southwesterly point on Islay. This Ardbeg release marks the first permanent addition to their portfolio in close to ten years. It will join Corryvrecken, Uigeadail, and their 10 Year as a core whisky. Bottled at 46.6% ABV, this is non chill-filtered. Released September 2017. Suggested retail price $60.

Ardbeg An OaArdbeg An Oa / Photo Credit: Ardbeg

Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991

Released in September 2017 to coincide with the release of the film, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, director Matthew Vaughn teamed up with GlenDronach’s master blender, Rachel Barrie, to create this whisky. The vintage date, 1991, coincides with the birth year of Gary “Eggsy” Unwin, played by Taron Egerton in the film.

This 25 year-old single malt was aged exclusively in a sherry cask and is bottled at 48.2% ABV. It is non chill-filtered. Only 2000 bottles were produced, and each will be individually numbered and contain signatures from both Barrie and Vaughn. Suggested retail price $700.

This marks the second whisky released in conjunction with this film. Old Forester Kingsman hit the shelves in August.

Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991Glendronach Kingsman Edition 1991 / Photo Credit: Glendronach


MIC.DROP Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This 8 year-old straight bourbon from PM Spirits marks the first custom domestic release for the portfolio. It is a blend of 20 casks of bourbon distilled in 2009 at MGP in Indiana. The bourbon has a mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley malt. Bottled at a barrel proof of 56% ABV, there were 3358 bottles produced.

As to the bottle label, with its detailed information, Nicolas Palazzi, owner of PM Spirits says, “The truth is booze should be able to side step the brand’s hype and let the performance (or its lack thereof) speak for itself. The label makes intentions clear. All the relevant facts are plainly printed.”

As to how the unusual name of the bourbon came to be Palazzi explains, “Mic.Drop. was born one evening last year when my neighbor RB spent an entire dinner trying to convince my two-year-old girl to toss her plastic microphone to the floor and utter the words ‘Marie out!’…”

Mic.Drop. will be limited to the New York market and is expected to hit shelves in September 2017. Suggested retail price $100.

MIC.DROP Straight Bourbon WhiskeyMIC.DROP Straight Bourbon Whiskey / Photo Credit: PM Spirits

Laird’s Applejack 86

This release from Laird’s is a 100% apple brandy. It is bottled at 86 proof (43% ABV), hence the name, and sits between their standard 80-proof Applejack and their 100-proof Apple Brandy. It has no age statement. The number 17 on the label symbolizes the number of pounds of fresh apples it takes to make a single bottle of the spirit.

Lisa Laird Dunn, Executive Vice President and World Ambassador, Laird & Company explains “Laird’s Straight Applejack 86 bridges the gap in style and price between our flagship Blended Applejack and our Straight Apple Brandy. We hope it will please our existing fans and attract a new generation of admirers.”

“Laird’s Straight Applejack 86 will immediately appeal to whiskey drinkers, especially bourbon fans,” says Tom Alberico, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Laird & Company. “It works exceptionally well in traditional cocktails like the Manhattan and the Old-Fashioned, where it lends the drink greater body and flavor complexity. We look forward to welcoming whiskey enthusiasts to the world of apple spirits.”

National release beginning September 2017. Suggested retail price $25

Laird's Applejack 86Laird’s Applejack 86 / Photo Credit: Laird & Company

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