New Booze News: Booker’s, Knob Creek, The Balvenie and More

June 15, 2017

Before our official reviews arrive, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of the new products hitting shelves soon. Here’s the New Booze News for the week of June 12, 2017! New bourbon releases from Booker’s and Knob Creek, a travel retail exclusive from The Balvenie, and more!



This batch of Booker’s, the second release for 2017, is named in honor of the Blue Knights motorcycle club. The club is an international group of active and retired law enforcement officers who ride their motorcycles around the country together. Booker Noe had a friendship with them for many years and is an honorary member of the “Heaven 1” chapter. This batch is comprised of four different production dates aged in four different warehouses. Matured for a total of 6 years, 3 months and 6 days, it is bottled at 63.7% ABV. Suggested retail price of $69.99-$74.99.

Booker’s Bourbon is part of the Small Batch Bourbon collection produced at Jim Beam in Clermont, KY. It is an uncut, unfiltered, barrel-strength bourbon named for Booker Noe, Jim Beam’s grandson and 6th generation master distiller. The bourbon was first released by Booker in 1988 and it helped to revitalize the bourbon category as a whole. Today, Booker’s Bourbon is hand-selected by Fred Noe, Booker’s son and current master distiller. The batch selection for 2017 will consist of four different batches—each with a unique name—to be released during the year.

Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2017-02 “Blue Knights Batch”Booker’s Bourbon Batch 2017-02 “Blue Knights Batch”


Available for sale in the summer of 2017, this single barrel release is bottled in honor of Knob Creek’s 25th Anniversary, with its first release having debuted in 1992. It is not only a single barrel release, but it is also bottled at cask strength, so expect variations to exist, as is the nature of these type of releases. The bourbon is aged 12-13 years depending on the barrel and will be bottled at between 60-62.5% ABV. Expect 300 barrels to be included in this bottling. Suggested retail price $130.

Knob Creek 25th Anniversary Single Barrel ReserveKnob Creek 25th Anniversary Single Barrel Reserve



Released in June 2017, this whiskey was distilled at MGP for Redemption Whiskey, usually known for their rye and high-rye bourbon releases. This Wheated Bourbon release has a mashbill of 45% winter wheat, which is higher than most wheated bourbons on the market, which typically comprise only 20-30% of the mashbill. Produced in batches with the batch numbers listed on each bottle. Aged for four years in new, charred oak barrels. Suggested retail price $45.99.

Redemption Wheated BourbonRedemption Wheated Bourbon


This straight bourbon takes its namesake from Cincinnati Prohibition-era bootlegger George Remus, the “King of the Bootleggers.” MGP Ingredients acquired the George Remus brand from Queen City Whiskey Co. in November 2016. This straight bourbon has a high-rye mash bill and is comprised of whiskey aged over four years. Bottled at 46.% ABV. It has a suggested $44.99. It is available as of June 2017 in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin and Nebraska, and in Minnesota as of July 1, 2017.

George Remus Straight BourbonGeorge Remus Straight Bourbon



Hitting the market in June 2017, this Balvenie release is set to be a permanent travel retail exclusive. The whisky harkens back to days past, when Speyside whisky distilleries used to use peat in their whiskies. This peated single malt is non-chill-filtered and is aged, as the name suggests, in three types of casks: first-fill bourbon, refill bourbon, and sherry.

“The new Peated Triple Cask is a result of our continued efforts to innovate and trial flavors not typically associated with The Balvenie,” said David Stewart, malt master for The Balvenie. “The expression is testament to the freedom we enjoy as a family company, and shows The Balvenie in an unexpected way, yet still remaining true to the distillery style our drinkers enjoy.”

Suggested retail price £65 ($83)
The Balvenie Peated Triple Cask 14 YearThe Balvenie Peated Triple Cask 14 Year



Releasing to the US in summer 2017, this gin achieves its indigo blue color from the infusion of butterfly pea blossom. The pH of this blossom is such that the addition of citrus or tonic will change the color of the gin from indigo blue to a light pink. In addition to the butterfly pea blossom and requisite juniper, the gin uses Victoria’s own Fairmont Empress Hotel’s blended tea. Other botanicals used are grapefruit peel, coriander seed, rose petal, ginger root, and cinnamon bark. All botanicals are organic and the spirit base is non-GMO corn. Suggested retail price $39.99

Empress 1908 GinEmpress 1908 Gin

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