Brighten Your Day With Colorful Gin

Traditionally, gin only gets a bit of color if it's aged in barrels. But these gin brands get their color post-distillation from various fruits and flowers. Taste the rainbow!
Apr 08, 2023
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    For this Rhubarb Gin, Ha'Penny (hay-penny) begins with its flagship pot-distilled gin made with 13 botanicals. Those botanicals include geranium, dandelion, lavender, and blackberry — all botanicals which would've been growing in Dublin's Phoenix Park during the Victorian era when the Ha'penny Bridge was built. Before bottling, freshly-pressed rhubarb juice is used to bring the gin down to proof providing a naturally derived pink hue and rhubarb flavor. (SRP $32.99)
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    Mermaid Pink Gin is made by infusing fresh Isle of Wight strawberries grown in Arreton Valley into the brand's signature gin for four days. It is then redistilled. The plastic-free bottles are designed with the scales of a mermaid's tail in mind. Available in the US as of February 2023. (SRP $34.99)
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    Glendalough takes its Wild Gin and rebalances the ingredients to produce this Rose Gin. Extra fruit, flowers, and spices are used as well as fresh rose petals from three types of roses: wild roses from the Wicklow Mountains, large fragrant Heritage roses, and the ancient and revered Damask roses. Note: Updated packaging beginning May 2023.(SRP $32.99)
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    This Ultraviolet Edition from Brazil's McQueen and the Violet Fog is not only violet in color, but is flavored with red berries & hibiscus. It is made with the brand's flagship gin as its base which is made from 21 botanicals from all over the world including rose petal, coriander, rosemary, lemongrass, pomelo, and jasmine flower. The violet color is obtained from a blend of natural juices and carmine. Available beginning March 2023. (SRP $34.99)
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    Released in the US in the summer of 2017, Empress 1908 Indigo Gin achieves its indigo blue color with the infusion of butterfly pea blossom. The pH of this blossom is such that the addition of citrus or tonic will change the color of the gin from indigo blue to a light pink. In addition to the butterfly pea blossom and requisite juniper, the gin uses blended tea from Victoria's own Fairmont Empress Hotel. Other botanicals used are grapefruit peel, coriander seed, rose petal, ginger root, and cinnamon bark. All botanicals are organic and the spirit base is non-GMO corn. (SRP $39.99)
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    The London No. 1 Original Blue Gin is, in fact, distilled in London. However, due to the pale blue color which is added post-distillation it is not a "London Dry Gin". It is produced using 12 botanicals including savory, bergamot, licorice, cinnamon, and iris root and an English wheat neutral spirit. It is bottled at 47% ABV. (SRP $39.99)
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    Magellan Iris Flavored Gin is made using a neutral grain spirit made from wheat harvested in the Beauce Valley of France. During the fourth distillation, 11 botanicals are infused - French juniper berries, cloves, Sri Lankan cinnamon, cassia from Indochina, Mexican orange peel, Moroccan coriander, licorice from China, West African grains of paradise, Indian cardamom, Indonesian nutmeg, and Italian iris root and flower. The inclusion of iris gives this gin a distinctive blue coloring when it is allowed to infuse with the spirit after distillation. It is bottled at 44% ABV.
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    First launched in November 2021, Romeo's Gin V is a lime, honeydew, and green grape flavored gin. Each of these flavors were added as distillates to the brand's flagship Romeo's Gin which is made with juniper, cucumber, lavender, dill, lemon, and almond. It was made in collaboration with Canadian digital artist FVCKRENDER. (SRP $41.99)
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    Whitley Neill Quince Gin is made from a blend of nine fruits and botanicals, including juniper, coriander, lemon and sweet orange. Its most prominent flavor comes from Turkish quince, a yellow-ish fruit that resembles pears and apples in appearance and flavor. (SRP $34.99)
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    First introduced in Europe in 2018 as Flor de Sevilla, Tanqueray Sevilla Orange Gin hits US shelves as of August 2019. The flavored gin was inspired by an original recipe from Charles Tanqueray from his travels to the groves of Spain in the 1860s. Tanqueray Sevilla Orange gin is made with bittersweet Seville oranges and orange blossom. Bottled at 41.3% ABV, it hits the Miami and Orlando markets first with other US markets to follow. (SRP $23.99)
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    Malfy Gin Con Arancia is made with Sicilian blood oranges peels which are infused with juniper in an Italian grain spirit for 36 hours. Four other botanicals are used in its production. Made at the Torino Distillati just outside Torino by master distillers Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni, it is suggested to serve this gin with tonic, lemonade, or Prosecco. This dark orange-colored gin is bottled at 41% ABV. (SRP $29.99)
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    Bombay Bramble is made with an infusion of ripe blackberries and raspberries with no added sugar. It is was crafted by master distiller Dr. Anne Brock and master of botanicals Ivano Tonutti. Its name comes from the now classic 1980s Bramble Cocktail--essentially a Gin Sour with a splash of crème de mûre liqueur made from blackberries. Initial availability began in the UK in March 2020 with a US launch following in June 2021. (SRP $22.99)