Our Favorite Reposado Mezcals

If you're an aspiring mezcal connoisseur, you need to check out some of these delicious reposado mezcals!
Jan 25, 2017
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    Sweet & Rich
    Kimo Sabe ("trusted friend") mezcal was produced using a combination of new traditions--agaves steam-cooked in ovens, then milled and old traditions--agaves roasted in open pits then crushed with tahonas. These two batches ferment separately and then are blended together before distillation. The third distillation is done in a pot-still. The distillate is aged 6 months in American oak before bottling at 42.7% ABV.
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    Fruity & Rich
    Mezcal Marqués is produced at the historic Hacienda Jaral de Berrio in the state of Guanjuato. In 1764, the King of Spain granted Marquis Jaral de Barrio permission to make one of "New Spain's" first distillates at the hacienda. Marqués Reposado is made with wild salmiana agave harvested at 8 years, baked in clay ovens, crushed by tahona and distilled in copper pot stills. It is aged 8 months in American oak.
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    Fruity & Sweet
    Contrary to what many deem traditional, the Cortez family has been making and enjoying barrel aged mezcal for generations. Made by Maestro Mezcalero Leoncio Santiago, the Agaves de Cortez Reposado is produced from 100% agave espadin in the “artisanal style” then aged 6 months in white American oak cask.
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    Rich & Smoky
    Gracias a Dios is committed to fair trade and sustainable practices, under the leadership of maestro mezcalero Oscar Hernández Santiago. The organic espadín is 8 years old at harvest and undergoes double-distillation. The spirit spends 4 months in ex-bourbon casks.
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    Herbal & Floral
    The Reposado con Gusano is a unique release in the Wahaka Mezcal range. It’s the only aged mezcal in the line, starting as the Joven Espadín and rested from four to six months in re-charred American oak barrels. Additionally, it’s also the only Wahaka expression with the infamous gusano (worm), which the brand touts as “clarifying the radicals of the barrel” and purportedly has healing and aphrodisiac properties.
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    Ilegal mezcal starts with 100% espadín agave grown in the fields of Tlacolula, Mexico and harvested at nearly 10 years of age. Their piñas are roasted for 5-7 days in an earthen pit lined with river stones then the cooked agaves are crushed using a horse-drawn tahona. After natural fermentation, it is distilled once in stainless-steel alembic stills and then again in copper alembic. The reposado is aged 6 months in a combination of new and used American oak with a medium char. (SRP $57.99)
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    Smoky & Spicy
    Double-distilled and aged in French oak barrels from 2-11 months. It is 100% agave and is bottled at 80 proof. It is bottled with a scorpion collected from the local hills surrounding the distillery rather than the usual agave worm.
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    Spicy & Earthy
    Los Amantes sources espadín agaves from a small consortium of small village palenques throughout Oaxaca. The brand uses traditional methods in mezcal production including a stone tahona to crush the cooked agaves. This reposado spends up to 8 months in clay and new American oak. Los Amantes translates to "The Lovers" and is named for the ancient Aztec legend of Mayahuel, the goddess of the maguey plant and fertility.
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    Sweet & Rich
    Espíritu Lauro mezcals are made from crushed agave that is left to ferment naturally without the use of added yeast. It's made from a blend of Espadín and Karwinskii of San Martín agave aged 6 - 8 years before harvesting. This reposado is aged 3 - 4 months in used whiskey barrels that are re-charred and scraped before maturation.
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    Rich & Umami
    Don Amado Reposado steps away from tradition and embraces international techniques. This mezcal begins using very traditional means. Agave grown in volcanic soil in the town of Minero, roasted in underground pits, and distilled in small clay-stills. It is then aged in American oak casks that previously held Pedro Domecq brandy.