The Highest Rated Gins From January 2017

Out of all of the gins our Tasting Table members reviewed in January, these ten scored the highest!
Feb 02, 2017
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    10 Sloane's Dry Gin
    Fruity & Sweet
    Sir Hans Sloane (1660-1753) was a botanist whose personal plant collection helped lead to the formation of the British Museum. This plant collection included many of the exotic botanicals frequently used to produce gin. Sloane's Dry Gin honors the legacy of Sloane's contribution to gin. Produced in The Netherlands, this gin is produced from a base of neutral-grain spirit and nine botanicals. These botanicals are individually distilled, rested for two to three months and then blended together before resting yet again. The botanicals include the requisite juniper berries along with cardamom pods, vanilla beans, licorice root, and hand-cut, whole sweet oranges and lemons.
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    9 Cascade Alchemy Oregon Gin
    Founded in 2012, this Central Oregon distillery celebrates the region’s cascade plants and produce. The “Oregon Gin” sees a maceration of cucumbers after distillation and that fusion has left the spirit a light straw color. The juniper used hails from the badlands just east of the distillery in Bend. Not yet widely available; your best bet for grabbing a bottle is by visiting the state of Oregon.
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    8 Mayfair London Dry Gin
    Juniper & Earthy
    This London Dry Gin is distilled in London proper at the Thames Distillery. It is produced using neutral grain spirit and uses classic botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, and orris. Mayfair Brands also produces a vodka (Mayfair Vodka) and a gold rum (Providencia Rum).
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    7 Chase Seville Marmalade Gin
    Fruity & Spicy
    Chase Seville Marmalade Gin uses potatoes which are grown on the distillery's own farm as the base ingredient. The gin is made with 8 botanicals including juniper, licorice root, elderflower, and bitter almond. This gin is then re-distilled with Seville orange peels to make this product. Bottled at 40% ABV. Note: Formerly called Williams Seville Orange Gin.
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    6 Pink 47 London Dry Gin
    Juniper & Spicy
    Pink 47 Gin, named for its 47% ABV and the color of the bottle (though the gin itself is clear). The bottle is meant to evoke a pink diamond. It is comprised of 12 botanicals said to contain two types of coriander and angelica. This gin is not currently available for sale in the U.S.
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    5 Pinkster Gin
    Launched in 2013, Pinkster Gin gets its lovely pale pink color from macerating raspberries into a finished gin. These and two additional botanicals are added post-distillation to a gin which is made to their standard with five botanicals at G & J Distillers. Note: This is not currently available in the U.S.
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    4 Distillery No. 209 Sauvignon Blanc Barrel-Reserve Gin
    Sweet & Woody
    San Francisco-based No. 209 Distillery produces vodka and gins, with the latter distilled 5 times from Midwestern corn. Their gin uses 8 to 11 botanicals including juniper, bergamot orange, lemon peel, cardamom pods, cassia bark, angelica root, and coriander seeds. Their Sauvignon Blanc Barrel-Reserve Gin is the distillery's flagship original gin aged for three months in French oak barrels. These barrels previously were used to age said wine made at their sister winery, the Rudd Oakville Estate in Napa Valley. It is bottled at 46% ABV.
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    3 Blaum Bros. Oak Reserve Gin (Batch 2)
    Floral & Sweet
    Not content with the typical bourbon barrels almost exclusively used for cask-aged gin, the Blaum brothers have a wonderful collection of wooden vessels for tinkering the flavors of their spirits. Batch number 2 features mostly ex-bourbon refills, but also incorporates a half-filled ex-Madeira barrel filled with their distillates of juniper, orange, and fennel. Who knows what will land in batch number 3?
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    2 Boldt Genever-Style Gin
    Woody & Rich
    The Alchemy Distillery (Boldt’s producer) is a very new distillery (first batch December 2015) that produces a range spirits in northern California. Their custom-made Vendome copper-still seeks to create spirits that speak to the local grains used. For the Geneva, a hard red-wheat from a third-generation farmer across the border in Oregon is employed. The distillate is infused with juniper berries, star anise, cassia bark, cubeb berries, citrus, and fresh green-needle tips from native redwood trees on the distillery’s property among other botanicals. The result is rested in oak barrels — in this batch the age is 63 days. Released in August 2016, this currently is only available in California.
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    1 Rutte Jonge Graanjenever
    Rutte [ROOT-eh] is a distillery located in Dordrecht in the south of the Netherlands. Established in 1872, it was in the Rutte family until 2011 when it joined the DeKuyper Royal Distillers. Their graanjenever (meaning only grains are used in the neutral spirit and malt wine) uses juniper, coriander and angelica among other botanicals.