New Spirits Releases - October 21, 2022

Check out the latest releases hitting shelves soon. Photo Credit: WhistlePig
Oct 21, 2022
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    The ninth edition in The Boss Hog series was crafted by WhistlePig's Head Blender Meghan Ireland and Head of Whisky Development Liz Rhoades who were inspired by the Nine Muses of Greek mythology. Each limited edition straight rye whiskey bottling is aged in American oak and then finished in two types of seasoned casks — Greek fig nectar and farm-scratch Tentura, a Greek liqueur. Notably, both finishes were made by the Vermont distillery team using Greek and local ingredients. These are single barrel expressions bottled at cask proof so the proof ranges from 102.5-106.2 (51.3-53.1% ABV). The nine Greek sirens and their respective art adorn this year's bespoke pewter toppers. Collectors should try to find Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy as this is the most limited topper available. Available as of October 2022. (SRP $599.99)
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    Approved for release by Michter's Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson and Master Distiller Dan McKee, this Michter's 20 Year Bourbon is bottled at 114.2 proof. Last released in 2021, this 2022 edition of Michter's 20 Year Bourbon will be available in limited quantities as of November 2022. (SRP $1200)
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    This limited edition Kentucky straight bourbon from New Riff highlights the use of malted grains, specifically the use of a type of malted barley called T50 crystal malt. New Riff Head Distiller Brian Sprance has a background in brewing and he wanted to highlight this malted barley typically used to brew beers such as pale ales and bitters. Malted rye is also used here along with the requisite corn. The whiskey is bottled in bond and is aged for 6 years. Available as of October 2022. (SRP $59.99)
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    Aroostook is named for the type of malted rye used in its production. Unusually, this whiskey is made with 100% malted rye which was grown in Kentucky and malted in Indiana. After distillation it was aged for 6 years. This is a bottled in bond release as well so it's bottled at 100 proof. This limited edition release is available as of October 2022. (SRP $59.99)
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    Chanticleer is the second Holiday Edition release for Chicken Cock and it comes packaged in a collectible tin. The Kentucky straight bourbon begins with a mash bill recipe of 70% corn, 21% rye and 9% malted barley. After its initial maturation in new, charred American oak barrels, the bourbon was finished in French cognac barrels. Master Distiller Gregg Snyder hand selected the bourbon and cognac barrels used for this release. Bottled at 112 proof, this is available as of October 2022. (SRP $499.99)
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    This is the second release of Square 6, an American whiskey brand made at Heaven Hill's Evan Williams Bourbon Experience. Just one barrel of whiskey is made each day at this microdistillery in Louisville, Kentucky. Notably, this release is made using a new mash bill recipe for Heaven Hill — 63% rye, 24% corn and 13% malted barley. It is also the highest percentage of rye used by Heaven Hill to date. Bottled at 95 proof, this is available beginning October 2022 at the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience and at select retailers in Kentucky. (SRP $89.99)
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    The Flight Series is the first in what is expected to be a bi-annual series of micro-batch whiskeys, which for Blue Run means at least two, but no more than five barrels. For this fall 2022 batch, there are six flights of Kentucky straight high rye bourbon. Each expression was contract-distilled by Liquid Advisor Jim Rutledge and then blended by Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon. The six flights are named as follows: #1 Alpine Meadows (115.2 proof); #2 Parisian Pâtisserie (113.1 proof); #3 Seattle Downpour (115.2 proof); Lahaina Luau (109.6 proof); #5 Washington Apple Orchard (118 proof); #6 Marrakech Market (110.3 proof). Each flight is available as of October 21, 2022. (SRP $119.99)
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    1872 is a very limited edition 9 year-old bourbon from Wyoming Whiskey. It's composed of 93% wheated bourbon and 7% ryed bourbon — all grains used in its production were grown in Wyoming. The name honors the year in which then President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law. All sales proceeds will benefit Yellowstone Forever, a non-profit organization that aims to protect, preserve and honor the park. Availability in select US markets including WY, CA, CO, NY and GA. Only 150 bottles produced. (SRP $399.99)
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    This 2022 Edition is the second 12 year-old cask strength for Bunnahabhain following the release in 2021. It is an unpeated single malt which is mainly matured in first and second-fill oloroso sherry casks although there is a small amount of bourbon casked whisky used here as well. Available as of October 2022 in Switzerland, the US, Australia, Taiwan, China, the UK, Bulgaria, Canada and Germany. (SRP £80)
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    This limited edition rum is made using local molasses from the Philippine island of Negros Occidental. It's then fully matured in ex-American rye barrels for four years before bottling at 90 proof. US availability begins October 2022 in select markets. (SRP $54.99)
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    Vive le Cornichon is the first limited edition release in Citadelle's "Les Excentriques" collection. Here, in addition to juniper berries and the other 19 botanicals used for Citadelle Gin, cornichon pickles are used as one of the botanicals. Maison Marc based in Burgundy grows the cornichons without pesticides, insecticides or preservatives. This is the first product to be produced at the new Citadelle Gin Distillery which was designed by Owner and Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel. Available in the US as of October 2022. (SRP $29.99)
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    Released to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the opening of La Alteña Distillery in Jalisco, Mexico, El Tesoro's Master Distiller Carlos Camarena partnered with James B. Beam Distilling Co.'s Master Distiller Fred Noe to create this tequila. In detail, the barrels used to mature the 100% estate-grown tequila were Booker's 30th Anniversary Bourbon which held bourbon aged up to 16 years. The tequila was aged for a minimum of 3 years before bottling at 42.5% ABV. Available as of November 2022 in limited quantities. (SRP $499.99)