The Top American Rums

Maybe the USA is known for bourbon, but they can make a mean rum too! These are the ten top rated American Rums in Distiller!
Mar 31, 2016
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    10 Twenty Boat Cape Cod Amber Rum
    Produced at the first legal distillery on Cape Cod since prohibition, Twenty Boat Cape Cod Amber is handcrafted at the site of Truro Vineyards. It consists of American organic sugarcane and is aged in chardonnay barrels. The name Twenty Boat refers to a 1930 event in which the twenty boats kept watch in Provincetown in an effort to capture a rum runner.
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    9 Cedar Ridge Dark Rum
    Cedar Ridge Distillery is based in Swisher, Iowa. They use a custom pot-still to make their rums. Their "Dark Rum" product is twice-distilled and aged for three or more years in once used bourbon barrels. It is bottled at 40% ABV.
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    8 Charbay Double Aged Rum
    Charbay distilled this rum in 2005 using Hawaiian & Jamaican sugar cane. The cane was pressed and the juice was concentrated in a low-temperature vacuum still, creating a concentrated syrup rather than using high heat to cook into molasses. This syrup was fermented with Champagne yeast and aged on the lees for a week before being slowly double-distilled in a Copper Alembic Pot Still to 137 proof. First aged in stainless steel for five years, it was then transferred to Chardonnay (French Oak) barrels for 3 years, before it finished aging in glass for the last two years. Bottled full barrel-strength, uncut and unfiltered. Single batch (unblended). Only 465 cases (2,790 bottles) produced — 120 cases being released in 2016.
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    7 Crusoe Organic Spiced Rum
    Crusoe's spiced rum is produced from "organic molasses and sugarcane", the distillate is micro-oxygenated, and "hand crushed and sliced" allspice, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg , vanilla and "hand zested" California oranges are added.
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    6 Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced
    True to its name, Siesta Key Distiller's Reserve Spiced, started out as a small batch rum distilled especially for the distiller's friends and family. This rum is aged using the traditional solera method where the barrels are never fully emptied. The rum is flavored with real spices and honey. It is currently only available to purchase at the Drum Circle distillery tasting room starting around July of each year while supplies last.
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    5 Petty's Island White Rum
    Petty's Island is named for an island in the Delaware River that has seen its share of pirates and shipwrecks in a storied past. The white rum is copper pot distilled over an open flame from a "custom blend" of molasses.
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    4 Taildragger Amber Rum
    Tailwinds Distilling was founded by brothers Toby and Jamey Beall, whose company is a celebration of their family's roots in American aviation. The rums are made using first-boil molasses, not blackstrap, which are fresher, thereby passing on a character closer to agricole. Taildragger Amber is placed in Kentucky rye barrels immediately after distillation and rests for about a year and a half.
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    3 Crusoe Silver Organic Rum
    Greenbar Craft Distillery claims to represent "the world's largest portfolio of organic, handcrafted spirits." The silver rum is crafted from organic molasses, the resulting spirit is micro-oxygenated, and there is no charcoal filtering. The resulting color is nonetheless crystal clear.
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    2 Privateer Navy Yard Rum
    Master Distiller Maggie Campbell, previously with the renowned Germain-Robin distillery, has put out a series of expressions that are turning heads in the rum crowd. All Privateer offerings are 100% molasses-based, double-distilled, and aged in full-sized new American oak barrels. Since each cask is unique, your bottle may be a bit different. This particular cask (P88) was aged for just over three years and bottled at 57.7% ABV.
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    1 Liberty Call San Diego County Spiced Rum
    Liberty Call redistills its white rum for this product, then infuses it with a basket of spices, including clove and nutmeg, that's refreshed periodically. "Best of hearts only" are said to be used. The rum is then "rested" in toasted and charred oak with a "splash" of handmade caramel added.