Batch 206 Old Tom Counter Gin

Old Tom Gin

Batch 206 // Washington, USA

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Batch 206 Distillery is 8,000 square feet and produces all of their products from a 1,000 liter handmade German Kothe still. Their newest product is created by aging their New-American style gin in Hungarian oak chardonnay barrels for six months. These barrels add a natural sweetness rather than adding sugar to create the Old Tom style.

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  • Old Tom Gin
    This style is not legally defined, but in general, this style of gin is mildly sweet and is not juniper-forward. It falls in between London Dry Gin and Genever in terms of sweetness level.
  • Cask Type
    Hungarian oak chardonnay barrels

Tasting Notes

"Vanilla extract, honey aromas, and a little orange blossom but not much else is found on the nose. The palate has some herbal, flower components, and even manages to sashay into some malty flavors. The primary flavors are chamomile, vanilla, and coriander. Meanwhile, everything is laced with a slightly unnatural sweetness. The finish is bitter and reminiscent of tonic. Definitely a candidate for a Long Island Iced Tea."

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