Boldt Clear Whiskey (Batch 001)


Boldt // California, USA

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Each batch of Boldt Clear Whiskey is milled and distilled by Alchemy Distillery using 100% California-grown grains like soft white alturas wheat, hard red hollis wheat, or organic gazelle rye. Each of the varietals are grown by one of their partner farms, which are featured on their website.

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    Distilled from a cereal mash bill comprised of any grain(s), must age at least briefly in oak for an unspecified amount of time.
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Tasting Notes

"Boldt bolts from the glass with heat-driven graininess accompanied by the whiff of banana typical of many white spirits. Pure heat evolves into white pepper on the palate where the grain is bolstered by sweetness and freshened by a floral veil that's almost gardenia-like. The short finish discards almost all of the above in favor of a simpler sweet quality."

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