Big Gin Bourbon Barreled

Barrel-Aged Gin

Big Gin // Washington, USA

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Big Gin Bourbon Barreled is a variant on the flagship London dry-style gin from Captive Spirits in Seattle, Washington. Founded by Ben Capdevielle and Holly Robinson, the gin has a 100% corn base spirit. The botanical bill incorporates coriander, bitter orange peel, grains of paradise, angelica, cassia, cardamom, orris, Tasmanian pepper berry, and, of course, juniper. The spirit then rests for six months in ex-Kentucky bourbon barrels. Bottled at 47% ABV.

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  • Barrel-Aged Gin
    Gin which spends some time in barrels, generally not more than a few months at a time, although there is no legal definition for this style.
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Tasting Notes

"Big Gin's Bourbon Barreled appears a bit stuck between flavors from the barrel influence and its botanical recipe. The nose is slightly rubbery with some vanilla and mild spice peeking through. A pleasant blend of cocoa and peppermint open the palate that finishes with a nice creaminess accented by pepper and juniper."

Score 79

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